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AT AGE 6 YEARS – 23.03.17.

Weight: Now stabilised at 4.80 – 5.0 kg.

Measurements. As before.

Food & exercise: See previous and: Because I no longer need the mobility scooter myself and because afternoon/evening weather has been in the high twenties Celsius and, therefore too warm for me to go for a walk, we have only walked 3.5 – 4.0 km in the early morning on most days.

Communication: All I can add to what I have said above is that this little fellow still keeps on learning and still keeps on amazing me with his intelligence.

Photograph: I repeat, I do not have a recent one but he looks as he did earlier so here is an earlier one!

My live danger alarm!:

Like many, if not all, dogs Tali has a special bark for a dangerous situation and I have come to recognise this.

1. About a month ago I heard Tali’s danger bark coming from the bathroom and, on going to have a look, had quite a fright when I saw a long black snake, of about 1.5.m in length, in my shower recess. It took me a few seconds to identify it as a comparatively harmless, non-venomous carpet python (Morelia spilota sub sp. mcdowelli) but I was still uncomfortable as it was a snake. I told Tali to “Be careful” and “Move away”, which he did reluctantly (Minnie Foxies are bred to kill snakes and snakes are reputed to be one of the main causes of their death), shut the internal bathroom door and worked out how to put the visitor out of the back door/bathroom door. I lifted it out gently with a walking stick, shut the door, congratulated Tali – who was quite chuffed! – and told him that everything was now “alright”.

2. About two weeks ago, at about 11.30 at night, I was awakened by Tali’s “danger bark” coming from the kitchen area and found him in front of the refrigerator barking furiously whilst intermittently glancing at me with his message. I thought it was another snake but then got a smell of burning electricals and realised that the compressor, or something, was overheated and liable to ignite. All I could do was unplug the refrigerator, go back to sleep and sort things out in the morning.

Tali went back to sleep as if nothing untoward had happened.


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