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Tali communicating – untaught!

Some months ago Tali started appearing in front of me on some days, in the evening, usually sitting, and growling at me. Until recently I thought his purpose was to get my attention for a pet so I used to pet him a little and this seemed to satisfy him. However, some weeks ago I realised that after getting my attention he was going away to the bedroom, where his bed is,  but it was only about a week ago that I put two and two together and realised to my astonishment, despite knowing how intelligent he is, that what he was doing was coming to me to get my attention to announce that he was going to bed! So now I acknowledge him, give him a pat and say something like, ‘OK, son, off to bed!’ . . . . and off he goes, fully content!

29.9.20: His understanding of English is now quite surprising as he obviously understands

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