From at 3 Years of Age to at 9 years of age.

Weight: 6 kg.


Neck: top 22 cm; bottom 27 cm.

Height at shoulder: 29 cm.

Height at hip: 30 cm.

Length: (Rear of haunch to nose tip) 54 cm.

Food & exercise: BARF @ 84 g morning and evening with a small raw bone every other day varying depending on bone size. He was getting a little too heavy (up to 6.5 kg) and showing slight signs of fat despite running for a greater part of 4 km/day – a lot of it at 20 – 26 kph (and loving it!) plus a p.m. walk of about 3 km. Until recently he was getting 114 g± per meal whilst maturity was filling out his body.

Communication: I cannot really say much except that his degree of understanding and intelligence continues to surprise even me who is used to very intelligent dogs. He now understands “eat” which can be mentioned with anything, even grass, and he eats – if it is something he eats! His anticipation of what I do is acute and will pick up something new after observing it once or twice. However, his understanding of, ‘Not going anywhere.” or “Not (this or that)” reduces his anticipation and unnecessary excitement.

Added 26.08.14: I have added “Sign Language” and “No barking!” to the list of communications on the Communications page.

N.B. I have no camera and a webcam pic would not do him justice – even if it were possible to take one of him because he would be very uncomfortable, psychologically, perched on top of something to facilitate the taking of such a picture.

AT AGE 5 YEARS – 23.03.16.

Weight:  Now stabilised at 5 kg.

Measurements. As before.

Food & exercise: See above and: He is now running ahead of the mobility scooter I bought and is LOVING IT! He will run for most of 4km and not show any signs of even hard breathing. I do this for him early on fine mornings – fine because mobility scooters are not made to be used in wet conditions – and on most afternoons I take him for a walk of about 2km.

Communication: All I can add to what I have said above is that this little fellow keeps on learning and keeps on amazing me with his intelligence

Photograph: I do not have a recent one but he looks as he did earlier!


AT AGE 7 YEARS – 23.03.18.

I have updated a few things in this blog as I am finding it more and more difficult to work with the computer but, with reference to Tali’s communicating capabilities I must relate the following: a week or so ago I was just talking to him about something I did want, or would want, him to do when, much to my surprise despite my familiarity with the little fellow’s intelligence, off he went and did what I was talking about!


AT AGE 9 YEARS – 23.03.20.

There is too much to enter here: this little fellow keeps on amazing me with what he understands. Put simply, he understands speech. Healthwise, except for what seems to be overactive anal glands, he is fine and still does not attract the ticks of this area which include the highly toxic “paralysis tick”. He has only had two ticks on him in the last year and I attribute this to his diet (of commercially made “barf” – biologically approved raw food”) and homoeopathic drops in his water bowl (from HAMPL pet formulas in Perth, WA, Australia). He is still doing his daily 4.5 – 6 km run each morning, weather permitting, with absolute ease and enjoyment!


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