Tali – attributes.

Tali – attributes.

1) Uses fore paws as hands.

Previously I have noticed peripherally that Tali held things in his front paws – as opposed to under his front paws –  and yesterday, when he had a 50 mm diameter ball in his paws, I made it a point to actually study this. He really does hold things: his paws face inwards instead of the usual downwards!

2) Bats a ball: He bats a ball with his bone shaped toy.

3) Throws a ball: Either when playing or when he wants me to play with him he tosses the ball away from himself either for him to chase or for me to do so. On a tiled floor this can carry the ball a couple of meters.

4) 18.11.13. Bat & ball: Yesterday I realised that Tali throws a ball near me, barks to attract my attention, looks from me to ball repeatedly until I know what he wants, picks up the “toy” (bat) and waits for me to “bowl” it to him. He then tries to hit it with the “bat” in his mouth!

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