Tali’s “bed” – a model for others?

Tali's "bed".

Tali’s “bed”. [CLICK to enlarge]

Initially, I made a mat for Tali from an old polyester wind-cheater with the arms cut off and the arm holes and as neck opening sewn closed. This was secured on a mattress 40cm x 55cm x 7cm (h). He slept on top of the mat but, when the weather cooled, he worked out how to lift the edge of the open “bottom” end of the wind-cheater and creep inside the “sleeve”. As he grew, effecting entry this way became more and more difficult so I designed the front of a bed frame (as in this photograph) and asked my neighbour, an amateur carpenter, to make a suitable frame. He found a disused draw and attached to it a frame based on my design. This worked perfectly for the “tenant” who now had a tent out of which he could see out when he wanted. The “canopy” is allowed to flop so that it drapes over his body for warmth.

To minimize movement of the tent I use 5½cm nappy safety pins and a few strategically placed ties.

NOTE: From bottom upwards: base, mattress (grey & blue), triangular opening and “tent”.

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