re care of TALI in my absence.

Temporary absence: Jenine Tel: 042 395 9690

Permanent absence: Maleny Vet Service, Coral St., Maleny where the following will look after Tali and find someone suitable to look after him thereafter. Refer to either of the Debs, Kirsten, Lauren, Kate, Gemma et al.

Vet: Maleny Vet Service in Coral Street. [07 54 943 622]

Insurance: Medibank Pet Insurance (Silver). In Tali’s file – see below.

Food: I give him  ROYAL CANIN DENTAL SPECIAL – SMALL DOGS UNDER 10 kg – 35g at about 6 a.m and 25g at about 3.30 pm. This maintains his weight at 5.4 kg which is best for him whilst he runs (with me on my mobility scooter) 4-5.5 km early in the mornings with the greatest of ease!

BONES: Tali gets a dried chicken neck or similar bone on Sundays and Wednesdays. The vet assures me that she has gone to great lengths to ensure that these are safely prepared.

Note: 1. He responds to “Say please.” before being given his food etc.

For ticks: HAMPL Tick Paralysis Nosode*, 3 drops/day in approx. 250 ml of his water. Only available from Animal Options Vet Clinic and highly successful. (On kitchen bench under jar.)


For fleas+worms Comfortis Plus (in Tali’s draw or fridge) 1 tablet with food on 1st. day of each month.

Baths: He does not need either grooming or baths. In fact, he has not needed nor had a bath since a couple in his first year and never needed grooming except once when he rolled in the highly smelly stuff dogs love to/need to roll in. When he is told, “Don’t DO that!” when he does something I do not want him to do he does not do it again EXCEPT WHEN HE COMES ACROSS DISCARDED FOOD ETC!!!

Ultrasound whistle†, leash & collar: In carved Tea box on shoe rack behind the front door.

Bed: In my bedroom. Change tent when necessary and wash used one.

[Spare “tent” and striped blanket on bottom shelf of linen cupboard in bathroom.] The striped blanket is used in cold weather to drape over the cave – single or double – as required. Tali will sleep on top of or inside his bed as suits him. Spare nappy pins are in a container and a pack in his draw.

Tali’s File: is in my concertina file in the wardrobe. The Tick Twister (for tick removal) and sundry items are in the black box below the corner window of the sitting room.

Toilet Training: He has a dog door and has never relieved himself in the house, or on any sealed surface anywhere, even when prevented from going outside. He will ask to be let out if the dog door is closed but seldom, if ever, needs to go at night. Last thing at night I ask him to “Go out and do “wees” and he does unless he does not need to in which case an astute owner will know – will read the body language!

Information & training : I have never given, nor needed to give, Tali, or any of my dogs, a treat in training. This sort of “training” erodes and demeans the wonderful relationship that inherently exists between dogs and human – particularly the “boss”.  DOGS LOVE TO DO THINGS FOR THEIR “BOSS”. However, where a dog is proven to be unintelligent, treats may be used as a last resort.


1. Tali’s understanding of communication of speech and signals is phenomenal and, I suggest, is motivating for him. Hence, it should be indulged as it is rewarding for both owner and dog.

2. The silent dog whistle: The instructions for use are in the bottom draw of my desk. If the instructions for the whistle are not found go to

I bought this mainly as a means of calling Tali if he got lost or stolen or the like* and to use in situations where my calling/instructing him could disturb people. He knows the sound of the whistle and reacts enthusiastically to it but I have only trained him to one call sound and that is a low pressure blow followed by a short high pressure one. Try it and judge by his reaction.

[* Acme state that this model has a range of up to 7 km.]

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