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Tali – Statistics, Diet, Pest Control etc.

Kootali* [Called Tali] Breed: Miniature Fox Terrier.

Colour: Tri colour [Black & white with tan markings].


D.O.B. 23.03.11. Arrived at my home aged 48 days (nearly 7 weeks).

Breeder: Jess Ward, Marcoola, Qld., Australia LINK

*Note: The name Kootali is the Tamil word for friend and is pronounced koo tarli.

INSURANCE: Medibank Pet Insurance Policy No. MB110-109925 dated 13.10.2011. [Silver Paw Cover]


15.06.11. = 1.5 kg

19.07.11. = 2.9 kg

30.08.11. = 3.4 kg                  Height = 26.6 cm [10½ inches ±]

06.12.11. = 4.1 kg                                               – no change  –

12.09.12. = 4.8 kg                Since 04.08.12. (5.20 a.m.) when I slipped on black ice, whilst on a walk with Tali, and smashed my shoulder (humerus) Tali has not had his daily exercise and has put on weight. Also, after my accident my daughter had him for a week and determined that he was under fed and not warm enough; thus burning up food to keep warm. I concur with this and have altered my methods. It now seems that his optimum weight is around 4.5 kg but I will find out after we resume our long walks in a few weeks time. At present I have reduced his barf by 25%.

18.10.12. = 5.2 kg                                        28.5 cm approx.

15.03.13. = 5.5 kg                                        28.5 cm approx.

TALI 23.03.13.
Tail > neck = 32.5 cm
Base of neck = 28 cm
Chest (vertical) = 45 cm

Bellaru Alpine 200g lining coat: Size =  30cm x 18 cm x 38 cm [Tali’s actual size: by Bellaru chart A= 32cm; B = 18 cm; C = 37 cm.]


From soon after I got him = Advance (dry food).

From early in July changed to “Dr. Billinghurst’s BARF* (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). As at 22.09.11. getting 2 x 85 g or approx 1.25 quarter sections per feed per day of either the chicken or combo mix.

From about 01.12.11. reduced to 1 x quarter section at mid day ± and 2 x quarter sections (½ patty) in the evening c.4 p.m. [I suspected that he was getting overweight as his slim waist had appeared to have filled out. This was confirmed on 06.12.11. which shows a gain of .5 kg. I have started reducing the size and frequency of his daily bone.

*227 g per patty = 57.75g /quarter patty.

08.07.12 Since the previous entry Tali has given the impression of losing weight without doing so. The only change has been that he lost weight around his ribs and hips whilst retaining the muscles and with diminution in activity level or anything else. For some reason he seemed to be losing weight.  Consequently, I have put him on increased barf (most often the ‘Roo Barf) and he is now getting 25% more than the recommended daily quantity of 181.6g  i.e. one patty of 227 g of which I am now giving him half early morning and half at about 5.30 p.m.

19.10.12. Since the above entry I increased his food by a quarter patty per meal and recommenced our walks on about 20.09.12. Now one quarter patty twice a day i.e. c.6 a.m. and c.5.30 p.m. [then monitor weight].

15.03.13. Barf serves per meal varies between ½ and 5/8 patty based on about 4% of his body weight of 5.2 – 5.5 kg.


Ticks & Fleas:

Update 07.11.11. Hitherto I have been using Frontline but, as of today, I have switched to a combination of Neem Pet Shampoo and Tick Stop because I have never been happy about applying highly toxic chemicals on an animal. For details of the above two products refer to Animal Options at CLICK.

CHARACTER: 23.09.11. This is s very intelligent and exuberant dog; so exuberant that almost everyone who comes across him starts laughing enthusiastically.

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