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At Play.


Retrieves and drops a ball for re-throwing with instructions “Get the ball” & “Give me the ball”.

Update 26.07.11: On the 24th., in the sitting room, one of his rubber balls was lying on the carpet and I kicked it away for him. He immediately went after it and returned it to my feet unasked so I repeated the act and told him to bring it to me. This he did and again dropped it near my feet. He continued to do this even if I did not tell him anything after I had kicked away the ball.

Update 16.08.11: Having retrieved the thrown ball he is now dropping it when told to, ‘Give me the ball’ followed, at times, by ‘Leave it’ when he picks it up again. It also happens that he returns to me at such speed that, when he releases the ball a metre or so before reaching me, the ball flies well past me. When this happens I tell him to, ‘Bring me the ball’ and he does – although he seems to find it difficult to see the ball nor having followed it visually.

Balls and breathing – 16.05.12.

Elsewhere here I have mentioned Tali’s playing with a “football”. I had to stop this because I found that, because when he pushes it around he does so with his mouth open as he is growling and “barking” at it, he breathes in dust and dirt which makes him cough at the time and later. Since stopping this practice his coughing has ceased.

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