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Ultrasound dog whistle

I recently bought an ultrasound dog whistle for two reasons. Firstly, when on our early morning walks, although I have him on a verbal leash, there are times when I have to summon him and to call or shout is likely to disturb the peace of that time of the morning: There are walkers who enjoy the quiet of the time, people in caravans visiting Maleny who are sleeping and residents in close enough proximity to be disturbed by me.

I bought the Acme whistle for its quality and this particular model because it can be heard by a dog up to 4 km away depending on the wind. I felt that should he be lost and outside the 300-400 m, an unlikely but not improbable situation, I would regret not having the longer range.

The instructions stated that training should commence before the age of 6 months but he learned the limited training in a day or two. It is rather disconcerting training a dog with these whistles because one cannot hear it although the animal very obviously does. As a matter of interest, Tali’s response to my call to him on the whistle is unlike a voice call: He seems excited by it and arrives in a very alert and inquiring state.

Here is information on the tones etc. from the package:

Blow effort            Volume                    Tone

Easiest . . . . . . . . .  Medium . . . . . . . . Highest
Easy . . . . . . . . . . .  Medium . . . . . . . . High
Modest . . . . . . . . . High. . . . . . . . . . .  Mid
More modest . . . . Very high . . . . . . . Deep
Most effort. . . . . . Maximum . . . . . .  Deepest

N.B. Because we expect the highest effort to correspond to the highest tone I found it difficult to master what I was doing. I decided to limit Tali’s training, for the time being at least, to a “Come here!” which to date has been a verbal, ‘Tali – come!” with the “Tali” being Tar-li + come! after a tiny pause – effected by a modest, slightly elongated, blow followed by a slightly firmer, but shorter, blow. This is what he has learned.
The whistle I bought is an Acme 535 shown here >  Acme Silent Dog Whistle 535

Bought from HERE

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